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Using CRM Marketing Automation Technology for Effective Lead Generation

Combining sales and marketing processes together to generate leads is a brand new approach in business. With the right approach and process management, a business can use these two to create substantial growth. Making sales is not easy – if it was, leads would come on their own to make purchases, but they don’t. This is why generating and managing leads is essential for making sales.

Combining sales and marketing

Combining sales and marketing

Marketing and sales were viewed as separate for a long time and this is a completely wrong approach. Sales and marketing are the two most important business areas for achieving growth. This is why they need to work hand in hand towards achieving their goals, which are not that different – no surprise there.

To achieve this, a business needs to acquire the right technology. With a CRM marketing automation tool, sales people that are constantly in motion contacting leads, as well as the marketing team staying put in the office, will have a centralized platform where they can both store information, collaborate, update each other and work together on being more efficient.

How lead generation is improved

lead generation

Inside sales is the essential element when it comes to starting sales cycles, but a lot of businesses overlook it. Through inside sales a business is able to start the process of generating leads and this is where sales and marketing meet.

This is the point at which marketing teams execute their campaigns and pass on the product of their work to the sales team, so that they can engage leads and get them into the sales cycle.

With a CRM marketing automation tool, sales and marketing are integrated together and they exchange crucial information. With just this tool the sales team can track email, social media, and other digital marketing efforts and get valuable information through which they can act appropriately.

Both sides can analyze their performance and give feedback

A lot of businesses have issues with determining which of their growth departments is actually doing bad and causing problems. In a lot of cases, both sides can take steps to improve. CRM software offers a comprehensive reporting system with a closed loop, where everyone can track the customer journey, customer satisfaction and the lead generation process.

This is how a business can understand who bought a product, when, why, from whom, where the pain points of customers are and so on. You will always be able to analyze all of your processes and learn where you can improve.


Remember that it’s up to those working in marketing and sales to guide people through the sales process. However, with the right CRM marketing automation system, they will have all the tools and knowledge needed to analyze their work and establish better communication amongst themselves.

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