6 Useful Features of BPM Software to Look out for

BPM Software


BPM software can bring a number of benefits to your business, regardless of the industry you are in. Since its main purpose is to help you streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks and enabling you to monitor all your operations in real-time, anywhere you are, it is definitely an investment that is worth every dime.

There are plenty of BPM software tools to choose from, each with incredible features for improving your organizational structure, but one of the best ones is the solution offered by bpm’online.

bpm'online BPM softwareThe top features that the bpm’online BPM software offers are:

  • Business Process Management – You get access to tools for managing all your business processes, including process monitoring and analytics, all with the goal of eliminating any potential roadblocks and effectively achieving all your objectives and goals.
  • Dynamic Case Management – With Dynamic Case Management, you can easily manage all your unstructured processes and always choose the best paths for positive outcomes. It is very easy to take advantage of it, since there are drag-and-drop tools to help you out, as well as real-time analytics for making smart business decisions.
  • System Designer – With the system designer of this BPM software, you can easily customize your system, creating new sections or modifying the ones you already have. You can also customize your dashboard to better monitor your organization’s performance in order to maximize it and achieve higher efficiency and productivity.
  • Core Configuration – This BPM software provides tools for managing your entire organizational structure, including organizing tasks, scheduling meetings, communicating in real-time with clients and employees, and managing all your customer data and interactions.
  • Mobile Application – It’s very important that your chosen BPM software comes with a mobile application, because that will allow you and all your teams to access the necessary files and documents anywhere you are and anytime you need them. It is vital that you can access it regardless of the device or OS you are using, so that you can always have your dashboards, analytics, reports, calendar and anything else you need right at your fingertips.
  • Security and Administration – You need to make sure that security is not a concern when you choose a BPM software solution. You need a reliable vendor who can keep your data and personal information protected at all times and who can enable you to administer access rights.

Bpm’online is definitely worth a try, so be sure to visit the following website and take this BPM software for a free test run: bpmonline.com/bpm-software.