BPM Software in Action: 11 Tips on How to Develop a Clever Strategy

BPM Software in Action

There’s a hectic buzz in the world of business about business process management, how it works, the properties of different versions, and what a quality piece of software can do for your business.

However, there’s also an issue that’s quite neglected – how to actually implement BPM software in your company and use it in your line of work to make clever strategies that can secure the future of your business. Deciding on a particular piece of software is one thing, but using it in a proper way, as a tool that can boost the efficiency of your team and help you improve your business model, is completely another.

Usually, introducing a new tool to any office requires a learning curve – every employee in your company needs some time to get used to the novelties. When this is the case, a company gets into a stage of stagnation where money and energy are both wasted.

Well, with the following tips, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time necessary and create a positive transition, develop smart business strategies and use the full potential of your BPM software.

Add All Your Activities to Your Timeline

Once your new software is a part of your company officially, the first thing that should be found on your to-do list is adding all processes, projects, tasks and activities that are currently in progress and most relevant to your business success to the timeline.

Being thorough in the initial part of the implementation will be quite helpful, as long as you follow a few simple tips. If you make over lapses with this first suggestion, you’ll be unable to form a proper picture of your company’s mechanism, which will later turn into a line of complications and unwanted consequences.

Therefore, make sure you’re thorough and that you pay attention to every detail.

Be Critical About Day-to-Day Activities

Often, a company can be overflowing with unproductive activities. This usually happens because not enough attention is paid to the results of particular processes. This further means that some activities were introduced without proper research, while some are simply outdated and they don’t have a place in a contemporary business model anymore.

What also happens is that employees are preoccupied with day-to-day assignments, so there’s not really enough time to question the efficiency and profitability of all the tasks that are circulating through the office. Although this seems like a rut that’s difficult to get out of, a simple thing like high quality software can be quite helpful.

And the solution is incredibly simple – data visualization. What every management team within every serious company needs is an opportunity to fully grasp the way the whole business functions, which should include even the smallest activities. With a quality business process management software, you’ll be able to see a complex, but quite transparent timeline that consists out of all future, past and present processes.

This is exactly what you need in order to:

  • Recognize outdated and dysfunctional activities within your business model.
  • Rule them out accordingly, like you’re getting rid of weeds.
  • Clear up everyone’s daily plates.
  • Make room for new challenges and creative tasks.

Develop Meaningful Solutions

Now that getting caught up in senseless day-to-day tasks isn’t an issue any longer and when the importance of business process agility is clearer, you should direct your efforts towards optimizing your business and develop smart solutions that are purposeful and that will have a positive influence on the overall efficiency.

Regarding this subject, a quality piece of BPM software will allow you to:

  • manage all processes
  • model activities
  • monitor both processes and activities

With these abilities, you will be able to fashion new solutions that will replace the outdated ones we just spoke of. By doing this, you’ll be able to make the whole company more effective, reach every area of your business model, and make the necessary improvements.

Break the Overall Workload into Small Tasks

Another common obstacle for businesses worldwide is project management. When the overall inflow of projects and individual projects aren’t handled properly, their execution can’t possibly be successful.

This practically means that when your company is assigned a new project, the execution plan needs to be developed in detail. In order to do this, you need to start every new chapter of your company by breaking a fresh project into small tasks.

First of all, this will give you a nice overview of everything that is happening in each area of your company and how it relates to the latest projects. With this overview, you’ll be able to precisely determine the time you need to complete your new workload and you’ll be able to make a delivery to your stakeholders within a previously determined deadline.

As we mentioned, when employees are elbow deep in work, they are not able to see where a project ends and where it begins. If you’re practicing this way of doing business, you should know that you’re depriving your employees of a feeling of accomplishment – which is, besides money, the greatest motivation they can possibly get.

So, when you implement business process management software to your business, make sure to introduce small tasks as well, and make them an absolute must in all departments.

Give Every Employee a Say

Give Every Employee a Say

For your company to reach its full potential, not only will you need to introduce the changes we’ve spoken about so far, but you should also make necessary adjustment to the mindset of your team, and yours as well.

Many issues and glitches within projects occur due to a lack of communication – different departments in many companies don’t interact properly, and tasks just end up being delegated.

Every employee in the company should have a say in how the execution plan of incoming projects is formed. Team members specialized in performing certain tasks can provide you with useful insight when it comes to simpler and more efficient ways of accomplishing those tasks successfully.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Although very simple, automating highly repetitive and monotonous processes can save your time an incredible amount of time. For example, if you turn the authorization of documents into a process that doesn’t require any attention, not a single employee will spend their precious minutes dwelling on this problem.

Another quite demanding type of work that usually requires a lot of effort and energy, even though the process is highly mechanical, is team collaboration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently collaborating with a team that’s two blocks away from your headquarters or if they are located on the opposite side of the world, automating repetitive parts of your collaboration will save your time spent on many unnecessary meetings and checkups.

Approach Realistic Challenges

Obviously, business process management software will give you a lot of space, and it will save energy you usually spend on irrelevant tasks. So, you should use that newfound room to accept new challenges and assign your employees to more creative projects.

Another thing you need is to determine the exact type of challenges that you should approach. Therefore, be very selective about new projects that you plan on implementing in your BPM software timeline, so you don’t find yourself trying to deal with more complexity than your team is ready to handle.

Look at it this way – every project that your company completes will leave a mark. It’s up to you as the head of the business to calculate and estimate which undertaking will make that mark positive because it will become a permanent part of your reputation.

Regulate Employee Access to Information

It’s only natural that different employees have different limitations when it comes to your company data, and this isn’t just about granting access based on qualifications and job positions. Every employee should be given clarity – overloading them with a vast amount of information that is irrelevant to their responsibilities is simply confusing.

This is why you should definitely make necessary improvements in project management as well. Therefore, when you start using BPM software, make sure that you regulate employee access, so that you can increase the efficiency of each individual.

Enable Software Access on Different Devices

You’ll be able to recognize a quality piece of software in the business process management niche when you see that its properties can enhance the functionality of your business on many different levels. Considering how hectic and eventful a day of the average professional in your office can be, it would be quite convenient if you could communicate with them at all times via only one tool.

Therefore, when you’re trying to find an appropriate BPM software for your business, make sure that it’s capable of adapting to smartphones. This way, you’ll be able to:

  • Delegate new tasks as soon as they are formed.
  • Spread out notifications in real time over all devices.
  • Update the office calendar and be sure that everyone is up to date with the most recent information.

This will really come in handy if a part of your team consists of field workers. When your whole team has every piece of data relevant to them at their disposal on neat dashboards, you’ll be able to save significant amounts of time that can be put to far better use.

Pay Attention to Analytics

Pay Attention to Analytics

In order to bring out the best in your team, you need to evaluate and estimate every decision that you’ve made. If you don’t welcome healthy criticism and if you fail to question the activities and tasks in your office, then you’ll be right where you started – trying to maintain a business model that is filled with activities and processes that are not contributing to your future.

In order to avoid this mistake, you need to keep a close eye on the changes you’ve made and make an effort to determine whether they are fruitful or not. With the right BPM software, you’ll be equipped with the right tools to conduct appropriate analytics. Therefore, you’ll be able to:

  • Clean your business model from undesirable “weed” activities.
  • Notice a mistake the second it is made.
  • Introduce new processes to replace those that were shown to be unsuitable.

Provide Your Team with Effective Tools

As the head of your business, you always need to be up-to-date with the latest developments on the software market and find new ways to equip your team with the proper tools. If you’re still on the lookout for the right BPM software for your business, you should check out the following page www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software. Throughout this guide, we’ve listed a number of properties that you need in order to enhance the functionality of your business, and bpm’online offers all of them.

Besides this type of software, you need to be absolutely sure that your employees are working with cutting-edge technology if you expect them to show satisfying results. Your frame of reference here will be based on what your competition is doing, and if their equipment is better than yours, you can’t really expect your team to surpass them on any level.


With all of this in mind, and when you’re aware of the properties and capabilities of business process management software, you’ll be able to develop clever strategies, enhance the performance of your team, unburden your employees from repetitive tasks, and provide them with a better working environment where everything revolves around efficiency.