4 Things to Know Before you Purchase BPM Software

BPM tools

The business process management software market is quite saturated, which is why it’s important to learn how to pick the tool that will meet your organization’s specific goals and demands. If you start looking for BPM tools online, you will quickly find out that all of the vendors are marketing their product as some sort of magic business agility potion.

It would be nice if picking the right BPM software only meant choosing the one that is the most visually appealing to you. Instead, you will have to pay attention to these four things before you make a purchasing decision.

Be Cautious with All-in-one Solutions

Majority of BPM software found on the market are advertised as all-in-one solutions. They include project management tools capable of streamlining project management, even in cases where there are dozens of tasks and multiple teams involved.

Beside, these include advanced report and analytic features to help you with process monitoring and identification of bottlenecks in your operations. Our advice is to be cautious with these solutions, as some features may be too complicated for you to operate on an everyday basis.

If it just so happens that this is exactly what you need, make sure to test the business process management software in question before you green light it for your organization.

Not All BPM Solutions are Mobile Ready

It is unimaginable today to address the issue of business agility without addressing the mobility of managers and teams. One of the best features offered by the business software tool is mobile app support, but this is not the case with all vendors of this software.

Also, some of them work only on specific versions of the smartphones. If your organization practices BYOD, make sure that the tool you are interested in can be used on iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS.

If you want to improve your business process management, you definitely need to have a tool that gives you access to all the data and features from any device while you and your teams are on the go. This is why you should always focus on the best BPM tools if you want to build an intelligent business strategy.

Look For Customizable Solutions

It is very hard to develop a universal business software solution that will solve the problems for all organizations and meet their specific requirements. Before you start looking for BPM software, make sure to organize meetings throughout the organization in order to specifically define your requirements. This will help you narrow down your search.

Another important fact to consider is that in order to build an agile organization the tools you are using have to be agile too. Fortunately, developers of BPM tools have recognized this need. Today you can find highly customizable apps on the business software market.

This is your best option if you want to be ready to change the business logic of the software at any given time. This cutting-edge technology will arm you with features to optimize and analyze your business performance in real-time mode.

Security and Administration

One of the burning questions of our time is data security and online privacy. Since all of your business data will be in the cloud, you have to consider the security and administration features of your chosen BPM software.

BPM software with multilevel security from malicious attacks and user privilege features should be your primary option. While your data will be securely stored in the cloud, you will be able to appoint user privilege rights on the go, so that each employee can access features and data according to his position in the organization’s hierarchy.

People usually make fast decisions, since the features of BPM tools are very attractive. However, if you want to make an informed decision and end up with a powerful business tool, make sure to consider these four things.