3 Best Business CRM Solutions for Your Business Success

bpm online

Business world has entered into a new era where technological innovations rule successfully. Nowadays it is really impossible to imagine a successful business that does not implement a Business CRM Solution for its needs and requirements. A customer relationship management software solution is crucial for your business as it is the key and the way to the highest level. It helps to automate your business processes, optimize the overall workflow, organize more effective marketing campaigns, bring and hand over perfect customer service, keep in touch with your clients more closely and productively, leverage your sales and much more, in a word it manages the overall working process and every step of your business.

Business CRM market is full of solutions, some of them are even more powerful than one might imagine, and others are just trying to strengthen their position in the market, while there are also some systems that can’t even be compared to the first two groups. So, it becomes more and more complicated to make a decision and choose a good system for your business, but it is possible if you have enough knowledge and know your needs and goals.

We have compiled a list of the best three CRM systems – real top vendors in the CRM industry, recognized by key industry experts and used by millions of people worldwide. Keep on reading, get acquainted with the systems and just choose one that best suits your needs.

№1: Bpm’online

bpm online

Bpm’online is a cloud-based all-in-one business CRM solution designed for medium and large – size enterprises to leverage business and boost sales. To learn more please visit the following website:

This software system is always seen in the first position in any kind or ranking recently. Maybe this is connected with the fact that this CRM system aligns several disciplines into a single platform and the mix of these systems and disciplines allows you to achieve your goals in time and more effectively.

It comprises such disciplines as marketing and sales into one system, as well as service, and helps you grow your sales, provide excellent service and organize marketing campaigns more effectively. And that is not all; it gives an opportunity to use such unique features and tools as tasks and calendars, analytics, visual process designer, sales funnel and so on. A 360-degree view of your customers is another unique tool to always be in touch with your customers, follow their habits, preferences and steps. Document database allows managing and customizing your documents more easily than ever before.

2: Salesforce


Salesforce is a productive cloud-based solution that has every feature your business needs to successfully manage its processes and optimize the overall workflow. Salesforce software is mainly suitable and perfect for large enterprises; however this solution cares for any kind of business: Salesforce has also an edition for small business, which will help your business grow and save you money. The advantage is that this software solution is affordable and it has everything you need in CRM software, every single feature and tool. It has other key features such as generating leads, managing contacts, automating working process, etc.



№3: Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is another great option if you have decided to implement one for your business. This tool is a good choice and it does not matter whether your business is small or a large one. This business CRM system has many benefits and advantages; it automates daily business activities, tracks sales, and interacts with customers on different platforms and via different channels.

Other exclusive features include integration with various applications, real – time data access, powerful sales tools and much more. Its mobile app gives you opportunity to get updates quickly and be in touch 24 hours a day. This CRM is also an exclusive tool when it comes to sales; its tools and features designed to boost your sales help you close every deal effectively and in time. Zoho is really one of the best options when it comes to customer service. Though Bpm’online is being considered the top one recently, this software system is also very popular for the excellent customer service it provides. 24/7 customer support is what your customers really love!