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Service desk systems and why they are the base of every successful business

Service desk systems

Service desk systems are those systems able to deliver incredible results in an automated fashion, developed by skilled IT technicians. The benefits emerging from the way in which these are developed are oftentimes measurable and they can improve the productivity and profitability of a business enormously. Help desk systems go further than providing high quality answers to client’s dilemmas and questions. They have become a tool designed to increase competitiveness and productivity at the same time. Below we have some benefits of service desk systems and tools integrated into those.


It solves critical issues

Client support systems are critical for the success of a company, regardless of the industry in which they activate. Some areas improved by systems such as bpm’online, SAP and Act! are as described below.

  • Customer leads;
  • Customer conversion;
  • Customer issues, problems and questions;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Once you have a consolidated customer base, it is highly important to start thinking about how you could use the available information to solve the previously mentioned issues. This will allow the management team to develop a coherent strategy, a strategy that will increase collaboration between departments, since their activity is co-dependent. For instance, while the help desk team will solve the first two issues, the departments which will benefit from the outcome and which will use the information in their advantage, and subsequently, into the company’s advantage are the sales and marketing departments.

bpm'online service desk system

The smart tools come into all departments’ help

A system like this must be packed with numerous intelligent tools in order to show effectiveness. And luckily, developers working for some of the most popular vendors succeeded to create some amazing tools which can be used for helping an entire company. Below we have a list of some of the most useful tools.

  • Automated internal processes;
  • 360º customer view;
  • Contact centre;
  • Contact management;
  • Case and knowledge management;
  • Synchronization and integration;
  • System designer.

All these tools will help a company to reach measurable results after the implementation of a similar system. However, each company that considers investing in such a system must assess their needs and necessities in a realistic fashion and only afterwards decide which one of the vendors is providing a system suitable for their needs and necessities.

How to choose a service desk system?

Not all systems may be relevant for a given company, and this means that each nosiness owner or manager must assess their company’s necessities.

  • Clarify your choices. And do this by asking your help desk team to write down a list of mandatory features a system like this should have, and another list of features that are “nice to have”.
  • Which are the essential features? Think about those features that might compromise the successful implementation of an app of this kind, if they are not present.
  • Which are the “nice to have” features? Those features which, if present, will offer an improved customer experience.

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