Top 9 CRM Systems in Singapore to Transform Your Business

CRM systems continue to develop rapidly and change the world of management with their innovative solutions. This article covers the most important issues concerning CRM market, new trends and new solutions, and Singapore CRM market in particular. This article will be of great help especially to business people who have decided to use a CRM system in their business and automate their business processes to save time and money, to people engaged in sales and marketing and to any individual who wants to get acquainted with customer relationship management software, the latest trends in the market and the best systems to choose.

We have compiled a list of the best CRM systems in Singapore to help you understand this industry better, get familiar with the best software, their unique features and tools, in order to have opportunity to compare them and choose the most effective and productive one to suit your business-specific needs and goals.

A Good CRM solution is the Key to Your Success

CRM runs the world nowadays and if you are a successful businessman you definitely know that the huge part of your success is the result of smooth working process, professional approach to daily tasks, keeping up with the trends and the productive work with your clients. In other words, CRM system is the key to your success and your business development. And if you are just going to start a business and are looking for a good automation service, there are numerous customer relationship management software that will definitely guarantee a good start and a perfect continuation of your business processes.

People that are new to this field often wonder what is the main function and importance of a CRM system. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and its main purpose and goal is to help you run your business by creating stable and reliable connections with your current and future customers.

Many people ask why customer relationship management is crucial for success and the future development of your business. The answer is obvious – it concentrates on your customers, on their needs and requirements and if you find the right way to interact with them, to meet their needs and nurture their interests, their devotion to your business in guaranteed. The right relationship with customers is not an easy task, it requires everyday work; understanding their needs and interests, attention to every single details, managing the relationship with every client and keeping all the data. You may be surprised, but following even all of these steps is not enough, there is a plenty of tasks that should be done on a regular basis. Among them are tracking sales opportunities, performance and productivity, recording different client interactions, collecting customer data and various files and documents and organizing them into a single database.

The interaction with your customers across various communication channels is another important factor. Every communication channel is of great importance and combining them all on one platform and being in the centre of events gives you opportunity to be in close interaction with every single customer anywhere in the world.

CRM Market Continues to Develop Day by Day

World CRM market is definitely on the peak of its development. New CRM solutions appear in the industry day by day, the competition in the market becomes more and more complicated. Many huge companies have started to open brunches in other countries and cities to strengthen their positions in the market and achieve higher results by being even close to their potential clients. The successful implementation of customer relationship management by world-famous companies and organizations has surely proven that CRM is in the first place when it comes to deciding what can help you grow your sales and have a perfect customer service.

Despite the fact that the competition is too much, even new vendors are often surprising us with their good service and position in the industry. The competition results in lower prices and better quality which is good for every business person who has decided to use a CRM or change the existing system with a new innovative and affordable solution.

The CRM market of Singapore is also in the center of these events and innovations. The development of the market is obvious and the experts assure that we will see even more in the future. CRM market gives the feeling that we already live in the future and the automation of every step proves that there is nothing impossible in this industry. A few clicks can take you to another country; make you closer to every customer living on another edge of the world.

New Trends in the CRM Market are Changing the Way We Do Business

Cold calls? Annoying emails and newsletters? The answer is definitely NO! If your company continues to use traditional methods we hurry to let you know that your business and customer management are in real danger. People have no time; no they really don’t have even a minute for annoying calls and emails anymore. Modern life has changed the way we think, live and do business. Technology and service automation in particular, dictate the rules we should follow to succeed and keeping up with the trends is crucial in this case.

There are numerous trends and marketable functions of customer relationship management systems that have made them an indispensable part of our everyday life. Highly specialized CRMs entered the market changing the industry and our opinions and understanding of the client relationship management. Predictive analytics is another merchantable function, which allows you make predictions concerning the future year, upcoming months and seasons and so on, which considerably affects your team’s productivity and business.

What concerns the automation; it has changed all our predictions and ideas concerning customer service and functionality. The automation of many services and disciplines just changed the way we do marketing and sales and took them to the highest level possible.

It seems there is nothing left behind, as all of these awesome functions and features are already turning the CRM system into the most effective software one can imagine. But surprisingly that’s not all. Another super innovation in the industry is the mobile CRM. It’s a real miracle for marketers and especially salespeople who are running from one meeting to another and making new deals. Now the process is easier with mobile CRMs which allow to be everywhere anytime and not to lose control. Customers desire to able to have their CRMs with them everywhere and not to lose even a second that may be worth millions in a business. Many companies started to value the importance of mobile CRMs also and the trend continues to spread and more and more solutions are being available also in mobile versions.

Top CRM Systems in Singapore

As mentioned above, Singapore is one of those unique locations rich in many effective customer relationship management systems. When we speak of Singapore there is such a famous description “the most technology ready” nation. Singapore is also known as one of the cities having great investment potential, a business, commerce, and foreign exchange hub.

Many companies prefer to develop their businesses in Singapore as it gives opportunity for huge investments and sales growth and the developed industry is another good factor that influences the success of many businesses. Singapore CRM market is among the most popular and developed ones. More and more companies experienced in CRM are establishing offices and new branches here and the growth is obvious. We have compiled a list of most effective and popular customer relationship management software systems in Singapore, so let’s find out what are their key features and functions and which one is worth choosing.


bpm’online CRM System in Singapore

bpm’online ( is an all in one CRM solution that is among the top ones and is famous not only in Singapore CRM market but all over the world. This process driven CRM has changed the way many companies understand and do business, becoming an inseparable part of their management system.

Bpm’online became so widespread and popular among successful business people and especially marketing and sales managers, because this system combines service, marketing and sales disciplines together putting them on a single platform. Thus it gives opportunity to align the most productive features and achieve the best result possible. It has such unique CRM tools and features as sales funnel, sales force automation, customer journey and marketing campaigns, out – of –the – box processes, multichannel communication and much more.

Business process excellence is in the core of this system and every single feature is designed to reach that excellence and take your business to the next level. The aim is to boost the effectiveness of your business by creating a unique marketing strategy, providing excellent customer service and achieving sales growth.

So many positive reviews of the customers who have previously used it and of those who continue using it are a real proof that this CRM is customer-oriented and concentrated on the development of your business processes. It has received so many awards and is used by such world famous companies that the close future predicts it will be the number one worldwide.

It gives opportunity to use and enjoy such key features as synchronization and integration, agile system localization and email marketing campaigns. These unique features make your work easier and more effective: all your contacts and emails are synchronized; data import is done from various programs as well as to them, communications via email are made with just a click, every single step is scheduled to meet the needs and demands and the localization of the system is made easier due to multilingual support and translation tools. Hundreds of awesome and productive features, templates and apps are designed specifically to boost your marketing and sales and to turn your business into an extraordinary and successful one. The CRM solution offers several plans for various kinds of businesses and companies; team, commerce and enterprise plans are available for small and medium, ecommerce and large businesses respectively.

What concerns the pricing, it is rather affordable; the pricing starts from $25.00 a month and there is also an opportunity for a free trial. In order to get acquainted with the plans in more details and compare the features and the pricings and get more information, please visit the company’s website


SageCRM CRM System in Singapore

Sage ( is another popular and effective CRM solution famous worldwide. This web based solution is specifically designed to support the growth of your unique business and its advantages and unique features are definitely obvious. Sage also has an office in Singapore, which makes the work with customers more productive and easier. This CRM is one of the most popular business management solutions designed to help achieve your business goals. Sage is a fully integrated solution which aligns marketing and sales, as well as service and values their importance both as separate disciplines and as a whole. It offers unique solutions that turn your work into an automated process, which is still professional and interesting, among them are customer relationship management and business management, accounting, HR, payroll, business intelligence, etc.

Customer relationship management solution offers a wide variety of choices to its clients. Sage CRM is famous with the flexibility, visibility as well as great features and tools it offers.
Sage offers several business management solutions, among them are sage 300 – for businesses with 10 to 200 employees. It is suitable for small to medium sized companies, sage X3 for medium sized companies and sage100 evolution for SMEs. All business management solutions are cost effective and productive; they offer great customer service and relationship management, flexibility and power, business operations on various levels, customizable solutions, unique and powerful tools, awesome interfaces and much more. All you need is just to turn to this solution and enjoy its exclusive features.
Human Resources ManagementManaging people is not an easy task, yet important, sometimes even crucial for your company’s smooth work and business development, so a system providing human recourses function and taking this responsibility can be an indispensable part of your business management. New solutions, innovative approach to management makes your work more functional, agile and professional changing and challenging traditional HR processes and people involved in them.
Business Intelligence in Sage is best known for its flexibility and effectiveness. It is based on Excel; the data is being transferred to Excel making the process easier and understandable and putting it in your control. This process is used to help you achieve new results with the programs you already know and have used to spend less time and grow the effectiveness instead.
Accounting solution is one of the strongest parts of Sage. It’s rather flexible, easy to use, understandable and affordable. The solution is designed to be suitable for any kind of business and a company of any size. It also offers multiple great features and tools. You have opportunity to choose any accounting solution suitable for your unique business needs and requirements, manage expenses, incomes, invoices, budgets, and much more.
To get acquainted with other great features, opportunities and pricing options you can visit the company’s website

Infor CRM

Infor CRM System in Singapore

Infor CRM ( ) is another great solution for your business. This business software is a perfect partner for any kind of business. However it does not have an office in Singapore, only partners. This CRM solution covers almost every aspect of a business giving opportunity to take your business to a higher level.

This industry specific software has the functionality you need to achieve your business goals. The industries this CRM covers are numerous ranging from distribution to fashion, defense and manufacturing, from healthcare to rental, retail, food and beverage and so on. Its solutions are among the most productive ones designed to grow your sales and insure perfect management service. It offers such effective and unique solutions as financial and supply chain management, enterprise management, customer support, product lifecycle management, asset management and much more.

This CRM platform has 90.000 customers and more than 1750 partners. It has 168 offices worldwide and the CRM is getting more and more popular, so let’s hope it will have a branch in Singapore and be closer to its customers there.


Zoho CRM System in Singapore

Zoho ( is a world – famous customer relationship management software and it is one of the best options if you are looking for an all in one solution that is both reliable and effective. Its advantages are numerous and this operating system suits almost any kind of business giving it an exclusive opportunity to grow and develop due to its amazing features, functions, innovative approach, as well as unique apps.

Zoho has an office in Singapore which is also an advantage as compared to other software systems. And if you are looking for a good CRM database in Singapore, Zoho is really one of the best options one can consider. It offers a perfect set of CRM applications that can become an indispensable part of your business. Its aim is to cover all of your business processes giving you the best solutions to reach more. This CRM platform covers such fields and disciplines as information technologies, sales, marketing, collaboration, business processes, human recourses, finance, help desk and much more. Its multichannel function is one of the greatest advantages a good CRM can offer, it gives an opportunity to reach to your customers instantly via email, phone, as well as social media channels.

This CRM system gives a special place to sales and provides you with exclusive opportunities to grow your sales with the help of such features and tools as lead and opportunity management, advanced analytics. The sales app is another great tool and a unique advantage that a customer relationship management system can offer for your sales automation.

Its CRM solution helps you close more deals in less time and provide your customers the best service possible, manage relationships with every single customer and reach them from every part of the world.

Zoho mail is famous worldwide for its super service, productivity and easy to use, ad – free interface. You have control over your mailbox and everything is arranged the way a perfect mailing system can provide. There are features for both individual and professional use which make it even better. Zoho provides secure and relaibale mailing service which is crucial for any business nowadays.

Zoho’s help desk is one of the most efficient ones. It helps to focus directly on the customer providing the best support and service.

There is another great feature – accounting software for your unique business. This system takes in account your business specific needs and suggests the best solutions and automated services; fast payments, tracking expenses, automated banking, real time tracking, client portal and so on.

This system is so functional and has so many important and effective features that there always remains something to tell or write about, so if this system has interested you, and you want to learn more about the pricing and other great opportunities, it’s always better to check the company’s website and get the information you need in more details:


Act! CRM System in Singapore

Act! ( is also a good CRM solution for your business development and though it does not have an office in Singapore it has partners there. This CRM is the best solution for individuals, small businesses and teams. This customer and contact management system is among the best ones that you can choose to grow your business as it is easy to use, productive and affordable. The software system is perfect for your sales automation, contact management or email marketing campaigns. This management system gives opportunity to boost your sales, be available everywhere, keep all of the information in one database and organize every step more efficiently.

Act! suggests several solutions and you are free to choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements. For individuals and small business it offers the Pro solution with a low upfront price. Premium is another solution suitable to collaborate with your team from anywhere, which has such unique features as sales process automation, contact management, email marketing campaigns and much more. Essentials solution is also accessible from anywhere and includes exclusive features as contact management, marketing and sales tools, etc., and it gives opportunity to keep the important data and the history in one organized database.

If one of the solutions that act offers has interested you or you want to learn more about their features as well as get acquainted with the pricing, check the company’s website out for more information

Another advantage and great feature of this software is that it provides a unique chance to integrate with the apps that you have already used or are using in your business. Among them are Eventbrite, Google Contacts, Slack, Companion, SurveyMonkey, Facebook Ads, PayPal, and Outlook and so on.


SAP CRM System in Singapore

SAP ( ) is another best solution we want to mention in this article. This world famous CRM system also has established a branch in Singapore giving an additional chance to its customers to get more qualified service and get answers to their questions not only online but also visiting the office located in Singapore.

SAP’s features and tools are also great and productive, they provide you with an exclusive opportunity to grow your business, to boost sales and drive transformation. This customer relationship management system is a unique tool for your business and especially such disciplines as marketing, sales, fraud detection, finance, recruiting, customer service, revenue as well as commerce.

This system with great features offers numerous effective solutions for your business: machine learning, digital business and transformation, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as internet of things. Each of the solutions provides unique and effective tools and features to transform your business. Among them are analytics, data, cloud computing, applications, mobile technologies, consulting services, machine learning, blockchain and distributed ledger, as well as artificial intelligence.

The industries this software system covers are so many and diverse that we can surely state that this CRM covers almost every sphere and industry, any kind of business and any type of company. It covers more than 25 industries and the solutions are designed to fit any industry and any specific needs and goals of your business. The industries it covers range from mining to engineering, construction, tourism and sports, from fashion and healthcare to banking and insurance, from media and telecommunications to education, defense and security and that’s not all.

SAP is also famous for the education opportunities it provides: trainings, enablement, certifications and so on. In order to get started, learn more or get acquainted with other unique opportunities, pricing, cloud systems and so on you can visit the company’s website


Netsuite CRM System in Singapore

Netsuite ( ) is a unique and effective accounting and ERP solution to use for your business growth and further development as it is designed for almost every industry, it is affordable and productive. Many companies prefer running their business on Netsuite as this is an all in one solution which has everything you need to achieve your business goals. If you are looking for a good CRM in Singapore and also want it to have an office there, Netsuite is definitely one of the customer relationship management software to be considered.

This business software is very popular in Singapore and it unites several disciplines to be of great use for any kind of business. More than 40.000 organizations trust Netsuite and it has partners in almost every industry and sphere. The solution covers such industries as software, manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution, advertising, marketing, media, healthcare, energy, transportation and logistics, finance, consulting, as well as innovation technologies and education. As you see this customer management software is designed for every industry and its unique features are just irreplaceable on the way to growing your business and takig it to the highest level possible.

This solution became so popular due to its effectiveness and modern cloud-based functions and features. It is suitable for small, medium sized enterprises as well as the large ones.

Singaporean organizations that run their business on NetSuite acquire competitive advantages; low cost of ownership, improved productivity, sales integration and much more. Another advantage is a mobile access to business apps from anywhere in the world at the time suitable for them.

Netsuite offers a Suite Cloud platform which is very famous for its security and reliability. The platform is designed specifically to suit your current business needs, as well as the future ones. It gives opportunity to access numerous cloud solutions of Netsuite, cloud based applications and the online marketplace. If offers such unique, powerful and productive tools and features as application customization, integration, easy to use interface, service automation and much more.

Netsuite CRM software always pays special attention to education and trainings, professional service and support. The programs and services include consulting, support, training, management, academic courses, as well as Suite answers and solutions. The features of this amazing soft are so many that it is just impossible to cover all of them in one review, so if this suite has interested you and you are eager to get acquainted with the pricing, programs and more features it offers, please visit the website for more information


Quickdesk CRM System in Singapore

Quickdesk ( ) is a popular, functional and simplified Singapore CRM software system which has proven its effectiveness and productivity. Though this CRM is made in Singapore, it became very popular worldwide as it has anything you need for your business development and is optimized for sales teams and professionals in the industry. Its advantages are numerous and one of them is its availability anywhere and anytime due to its accessibility on mobile and tablets; it is available on iTunes and Play store. Today the majority of business people and especially those in sales prefer to keep in touch with their customers on the go and Quickdesk is one of the best solutions that takes into account every single detail and need to reach the next level. It helps to convert leads, close prospects in a simpler way, communicate in a more professional manner and boost your sales more effectively.

With Quickdesk the data is organized so accurately and changed so easily with just several clicks that you could hardly imagine.

This CRM solution offers many powerful communication tools to convert more leads in less time and increase productivity. Among them are auto dialing, SMS broadcast, the function to call, message and send emails directly from the browser you use, DNC screening integration is another great feature. There is also an opportunity to create quotations, invoices, emails and reminders.

The software gives an exclusive opportunity to use its smooth and intuitive software and enjoy the results even faster. The app gives chance to manage your leads more effectively and build new relationships. There are such features as DNC filter, real time calling, auto dialing, lead and task management, mass communication, activity tracker and so on. To get quotes, get acquainted with plans and pricing options, use a free trial option and just to learn more, please visit the following website


Deskera in Singapore

Deskera ( ) is another amazing CRM solution to help you transform and grow your business. Deskera is one of the leading software system companies in Singapore which is also very popular worldwide due to its awesome and efficient functions. This integrated business system helps you run your business more effectively with the help of unique and productive tools and features it offers.

Deskera is designed for businesses of any types and sizes, among them are such world famous companies as Google, Grand Thornton, Sports Fashion, Intel, senwan group, SIDC, Starbucks, INCEIF, Sushi Tei, etc. It gives opportunity to plan, educate, manage records, track accounts and the overall business, as well as manage customers, vendors and payment processes and much more.

Enterprise resource planning came to replace traditional accounting and management systems and our understanding and usage of them, making these processes fully automated and more functional and productive.

This customer relationship management software concentrates on every single aspect of your business and helps you always be agile and have opportunity to meet your customers’ needs and requirements and provide the service they need at the moment. Ir provides such services and solutions as purchase, account management, customer support, sales, billing, vendor, financial reporting, stock, checklist management and much more. What concerns Deskera’s tracking system; it is really good, the system is functional and developed with the latest features, which gives an opportunity to track your business better and from everywhere. Other great features include real-time data, live updates, analytics, built-in functionality and an opportunity to maintain the history of all financial transactions.

Deskera ERP cloud has proven to be in the list of top systems. This Singapore CRM system is really one of the best choices for your business success and it’s also among the Top 20 Software featured in Capterra. To learn more about this world famous integrated solution and a leading software provider in Singapore, the partner programs, business opportunities, other unique features and pricing options, check out the company’s website:


Any CRM system has at least several effective functions to help you achieve more in your business and make your business process fully automated. However choosing a really good CRM with more integrated features and unique tools will definitely be more helpful and productive.

An effective CRM is necessary for businesses of any kind, it is even crucial if you want to succeed and enhance your company’s position in the industry. The role of customer experience management software is very important if you want to have good relationships with your clients and and keep the important information and contacts of your current and future clients in a single database and manage them more easily and effectively.
Each of the CRM systems mentioned above is unique and has exclusive and effective features typical to this special system. They are all unique and they are all different at the same time, but the aim of all of these solutions is actually the same – to help you strengthen your position in the industry, grow and develop your business and bring you closer to your customers, both current and potential ones. The choice of the best CRM is not easy, as the market is full of good software. In fact, your choice depends on your needs, requirements and future goals. And, however all the systems covered in this article are really productive tools to grow your business, if we have to advise only one, it will definitely be Bpm’online. This choice has not been an easy one, it is based on a thorough research and such factors as the number of branches, partners and clients, customer opinions and reviews, the effectiveness and uniqueness of system features, the number and efficiency of various tools the systems suggest and so on.
More than 400 partners and 6500 world – famous companies trust Bpm’online, among them are such successful ones as Yandex, L’Oreal, Heinz, ABB, Clarity, Accessorize, Vivino, Allianz, UpSellit, Savedo and many others. This all in one CRM system has received multiple awards and it is the number one according to many experts and businessmen.

Bpm’online offers the best and the latest in digital transformation which makes it stand out among other systems in the market. So choosing this system guarantees your business process automation and development, the enhanced productivity and sales growth. Digital innovation systems are changing the world, they are taking us to a new level, to a new world of millions of opportunities, and all we need is just to discover the awesome features and tools and enjoy the result.