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Business Process Management Software

As businesses grow and expand, they employ more people who are tasked with more duties that form part of the overall business strategy and serve the company’s stated goals and objectives. Essential business processes in sales, marketing and customer service begin to grow in complexity and evolve as the company’s customer base and operation grows. As a result, simple task management platforms will no longer suffice to keep track of everything that is happening in a business, let alone adapt to changes in these processes as they evolve.

This is the point where the need for a modern and powerful business process management platform becomes more pressing. This holds true for any growing business in any industry looking to maintain its competitive edge.

The Benefits of Deploying A Business Process Management System

Different business process software packages from different vendors and subscriptions levels provide varying feature sets. However, correctly deploying any of them should allow a business to realize valuable benefits. Listed below are 5 of the most important benefits that business gain from a BPM software deployment:

  • Greater Business Agility: businesses are able to respond to changing market requirements and conditions by optimizing and adjusting their existing business processes. BPM solutions allow businesses to seamlessly deploy new processes and workflows as well as modify existing processes on the fly with minimal disruption and effort.
  • Greater Visibility: processes and compliance with these processes can be easily monitored and analyzed in real time for bottlenecks and other issues across the entire organization.
  • Better Efficiency: as processes are monitored and assessed, they can be optimized further to reduce the resources and effort needed for the process workflow to complete. This results in better process efficiency.
  • Reduced Costs and Increased Revenues: With increased agility and market response capability, a business is able to stay ahead of market changes and continuously edge out the competition, thus increasing revenues. Increased efficiency helps bring down costs.
  • Improved Security and Compliance: with increased workflow visibility, real time workflow audits and process KPIs across an organization, decision makers ensure that employees across the organization comply with their respective business processes, thus reducing the risk of running afoul of corporate and even regulatory laws.

BPM Platforms

The Top BPM Platforms of 2017

We conducted a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of platforms for managing business processes, which are offered on the market today for various areas of activity. Below is a list of the most advanced brands of software for managing business processes that will help your company reach a new level of development:

BPM’online: BPM’online is the top contender on our list of business process management platforms. It boasts an award-winning process management engine at its core that powers all of Bpm’online’s product catalog. Processes are modeled using a feature-rich WYSIWYG tool that allows its users to create and edit processes of varying complexity using the BPMN notation. No coding or technical expertise is required for creating and editing processes. Although it comes with pre-defined processes for sales, service and marketing, various other templates can be easily imported into the platform and deployed with minimal effort. Bpm’online is available for on-premise and cloud deployments.


Oracle BPM: The Oracle BPM Suite from is a comprehensive business process management platform, brought to you by one of the most renowned names in software around the world. It is considered by many to be one of the most complete and mature platforms available in today’s market. Once deployed, its user-friendliness and readiness for integration with other Oracle products is a big advantage for businesses that have already deployed other Oracle solutions. Oracle’s Process Composer can define all aspects of business processes, including data, rules, forms, and dashboard KPIs and metrics. However, for an inexperienced user, it can be a daunting affair to work with such a large and complex system.

Oracle BPM

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud: A list on modern BPM software cannot be complete without a contender from IBM. The IBM Business Process Manager is a mature and robust process management platform that is surprisingly easy to use, given IBM’s reputation for powerful yet complex software. It boasts a feature rich UI building capabilities as part of the process designer and provides powerful integration features with other IBM solutions such as IBM FIleNet. It focuses heavily on process automation and its form builder is one of the best we have seen. However, users of this platform will notice that deployment can be a little tricky and painful and that its case management features are more basic than the rest of the contenders on this list. It is available exclusively as a cloud solution.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Nintex: Nintex is a workflow automation solution that focuses on being easy to use without compromising on features for the sake of simplicity. It is designed for speed, allowing users to quickly design and deploy any workflow of any size, including links to external data sources and other existing applications in your environment such as Office 365, SharePoint. It has solid support for mobile platforms, with its form designer featuring extensive support. It provides solid integration options with external data sources such as email servers, content management systems, social media channels, online storage and many others. Nintex is available through its partner network for both on-premise and cloud based deployments hosted by Nintex, though the feature set available for both deployment scenarios may differ.


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