5 Sales Management Software Solutions That Will Boost Your Sales

5 Sales Management Software Solutions

Standalone sales management software is intended for tracking and managing sales interactions recorded in a single system. Organizations use such systems to ensure easy location of customer contacts, coordination of clients’ accounts, continuity of sales-related processes and revelation of opportunities based on accumulated data.

Before choosing software for sales management, a company should categorize itself to define what kind of buyer it is (a buyer dealing with direct sales or using a network of partners, an enterprise or a small business buyer, etc.), considering the fact that not all sales management systems are suitable for one or another business model.

To help you with the choice of a SFA system, we prepared the review of 5 best sales management software solutions based on functionality they offer and their actual users’ feedback.

№1 Bpm’online


Being one of the best software for sales management, bpm’online delivers a powerful toolkit to build your sales processes, manage leads across the whole customer life cycle, coordinate marketing campaigns, deliver high-quality customer service, forecast sales and define sales strategies. Such a great scope of the solution’s functionality is explained by the provision of three products on one platform bringing together sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service management capabilities.

bpm’online’s sales functionality empowers sales teams to manage leads, field sales, mobile sales, contracts, orders, invoices, products, opportunities, as well as to automate workflows and forecast sales.

The vendor offers three editions for different kinds of buyers:

  • Team edition – for small & medium companies practicing direct sales;
  • E-commerce edition – for companies engaged in online sales;
  • Enterprise edition – for medium & large businesses using various sales channels.

The solution can be deployed on-site or as SaaS. Regardless of the way of deployment, the system can be accessed distantly through a standalone mobile application or from a web-browser.

Most of bpm’online’s users underline that the solution has very strong capabilities which allow several departments or structural units to combine their efforts to manage sales, marketing campaigns and customer service more effectively. The users also note fast response of the support, but find the community around the product not big enough to find necessary documentation within it.

№2 Salesnet


Salesnet offers sales management software for companies of any size. The software suite includes marketing automation tools too. Taking into account that any business has its own nomenclature, business processes and reporting requirements, the developer provided a plenty of configurable options to create various company-specific sales processes to which you can set corresponding levels of access for their end users.

Using the Process Builder tool, you can design and customize smart forms for your processes of any complexity and methodology regardless of the industry your company belongs to. Within such forms, you can use your own terminology, apply the fields you only need, and even incorporate your company logo into the forms. To configure the system, you don’t need any programming knowledge, as all operations are done with clicks.

The solution supports data import from various sources. You can import contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities. Built-in duplicate checking is available.

The software integrates with other applications, web sites and databases via API. External data capture technology allows automatic routing of leads from any web site directly to your sales team’s members.

The majority of Salesnet CRM’s users appreciate the strong functionality of the software. However, many users find its interface unintuitive and outdated. Also, some users experience difficulties with creating new reports, since it’s not possible just to click on the components to be present in a report.

№3 Contactually


Contactually is online sales management software that enables organizations to build personalized relationships with their customers. The solution assists in identifying high value contacts and increasing the number of new referrals attracted.

Contactually allows its users to form a relationship database, and, after categorizing all available contacts into buckets, can advise whom and when to contact. When creating new messages, the system can help you make genuine appeals to your clients based on all the relevant information on them.

With Contactually, you are also able to:

  • Automate your workflow and apply corresponding rules to your actions;
  • Monitor daily follow-ups through advanced dashboards;
  • Schedule events using a centralized calendar;
  • Trace through the history of interaction with your key customers.

The solution integrates with multiple email services and applications, including Gmail and MS Outlook. To always stay on top of your business, Contactually also provides a number of functions with its mobile application, such as monitoring customer engagement history, assigning leads to the workforce and tracking various business activities.

Being a perfect tool for managing customer relationships, Contactually, according to its users’ reviews, lacks some other important features, such as task management and reporting. Also, many users of the software faced various system glitches which resulted in lost work.

№4 amoCRM


amoCRM delivers sales management software to manage sales teams, sales pipelines and generate analytic reports.

The software’s distinctive features include:

  • The built-in call center which allows call operators to contact clients directly from their profile. The system also records calls and keeps all the call history.
  • Email synchronization which serves to attach messages that were sent or received via any service provider to the corresponding amoCRM’s customer profile.
  • Lead capturing tools which allow grabbing leads across all communication channels possible.
  • Internal messaging functionality which enables team members to keep in touch with each other with no need to switch to another application.
  • The Digital Pipeline tool which automatically sends emails with digital ads to all your prospects.

The solution also supports API integration with other applications and offers standalone mobile software with business cards scanning functionality.

amoCRM’s users listed the following drawbacks of the solution:

  • Limited reporting capabilities of the software;
  • Not enough functionality for larger companies;
  • Suitability for sales force automation only (e.g. the solution is not suitable for such business processes as project and product management);
  • A small number of functions for customization.

№5 Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems software refers to cloud-based CRM systems intended for small and medium businesses. The main advantage of the product is that its standalone sales management software is free. There is also a paid edition adding customer service & marketing automation modules.

The solution can provide sales teams with the following functionality:

  • Customizable dashboards which show your sales pipeline for the current period and KPI.
  • B2B contact management tools which allow tracking all the contacts, documents, tasks, activities and opportunities related to the organizations your company deals with.
  • Lead management tools which enable sales specialists to manage leads across the whole lead-to-sale cycle.
  • Task management tools which are useful to set up reminders, activities and tasks for your sales team.
  • Opportunity management tools which help get insight into your sales team’s pipeline and prioritize your sales efforts.
  • Reporting tools that provide generation of two kinds of reports: standard ad-hoc reports and dedicated reports to forecast sales.
  • Security control tools which allow defining permissions for all the application’s users.

Really Simple Systems supports email integration, as well as integration with other CRM and accounting systems, such as Xero and SageOne.

Among the shortcomings of the solution, more often its users mention not enough flexibility of the reporting system and not so good design of the software.