5 powerful sales CRM products to build a highly efficient next-gen business

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A much stressed and hard-working department, sales will happily accept anything that makes their daily operations less cumbersome. On the other hand, a person in charge will appreciate an ability to control and analyze sales at any given moment. With these purposes in mind, sales cycle management utilities have been developed.

The software market offers plenty of comparable online CRM systems, which require no additional IT infrastructure and able to aid with automation and analytics. While installation is not required, certain efforts should be made to train the staff, integrate the chosen system with third-party services and ensure the correct usage. Thus, picking a sales CRM  for your company is a responsible task involving some research. To help you make a right choice, we’ve put together this review of powerful tools aimed at improving sales operations.

Bpm’online ― a sales CRM in line with the BPM approach

Bpm’online ― a sales CRM

Effective within-company data exchange is a primary prerequisite to highly efficient business operations. Bpm’online serves as a central hub of all sales-related activities. Suitable for full-cycle support, this online sales management system caters the needs of everyone from on-site agents to office salesmen, from supervisors to decision-makers. Bpm’online fleibility combined with powerful communication and collaboration options let both geographically diverse enterprises and remotely working SMBs conduct more precise, transparent and personalized sales operations with high level of automation.

The platform connects marketing, sales and customer service into a single customer journey environment, which grants knowledge about the client ― crucial factor for personalized offers at any stage. In addition, the platform features an array of expertly crafted business processes ready for immediate deployment ― a fast way to automate procedures and streamline the workflow. Its in-built process editor allows to create or modify business processes to provide your employees with clear step-by-step models to follow. Reliable document flow automation effectively reduces the number of missteps and enhances productivity.

It is a feature-rich and immensely powerful direct sales CRM, while advanced forecasting tools, opportunity management, project management and many other functions expand its capabilities even beyond that. Considering the platform’s versatility, initial deployment and customization is rather manageable and requires minimal involvement of IT staff. Intuitive UI and detailed manuals speed up the training. All in all, Bpm’online is a complex, multi-role instrument fit for any business endeavor striving to push their sales to the next level of productivity.

Pipeliner sales CRM ― by salesforce to salesforce

Pipeliner sales CRM

The principle mission of Pipeliner is to streamline interaction between sales decision-makers and on-site salesforce. This sales management system delivers visual, actionable pipeline for employees to reach the planned goals in a timely yet effortless fashion.

Core CRM features include management of accounts, contacts, leads, as well as versatile opportunity assessment and decent communication integrations. Easy customization and really intuitive user interface accelerates initial deployment and simplifies the learning curve, while no additional research is needed to reveal the capabilities of the application. Moreover, its clearly cut UI helps to focus on high-priority tasks or quickly zoom out to see the bigger picture. In terms of business intelligence, Pipeliner is extremely good at reporting and analytics that can be easily used to get valuable insight into the current situation.

On the downside, users keep complaining about the lack of third-party integrations. Synchronization sometimes isn’t reliable enough and requires system restart to go back to normal. Luckily, Pipeliner’s support team is very responsive and helpful. They know their product through and through and are always ready to come up with useful suggestions.

Salesflare ― basic sales CRM functions for SMBs

Salesflare ― basic sales CRM

Salesflare team is perfectly aware that salespeople waste an unacceptably high amount of time on inputting relevant data. To negate the problem, Salesflare sales management software features automated data enrichment models, so that employees can concentrate on what is really important. Conducting sales in CRM environment improves labor discipline and minimizes the number of mistakes ― every employee know exactly what needs to be done or can quickly ask for guidance in case of trouble.

Designed specifically for startups and small businesses, Salesflare helps them identify opportunities for growth and optimize cooperation for a comparatively low price. Maybe not as powerful as its competitors, it is still a handy tool to track customer interactions, collaborate over a centralized contact database and manage the leads. At that, the performance of the system can be leveraged through integrating it with numerous other services like Google contacts or Slack.

Conversica ― an automated sales assistant


Conversica is focused on lead segmentation according to sales opportunities. It ensures that every prospective lead gets a follow-up, while worthless leads are excluded from workflow. With Conversica sales representatives have more time for conducting sales rather than filling the database and supervisors are able to derive business insights from comprehensive reports.

Coversica is built around an advanced AI engine that keeps tracking and analyzing leads 24/7, automating many communication tasks and notifying its users if their letters are blocked by spam filters or clients are not satisfied with received information. Moreover, marketing experts will benefit from improved feedback on lead engagement. To enhance the performance even further, Conversica online sales system seamlessly integrates with popular marketing automation tools like Marketo or Pardot.

Onepage CRM ― your sales pipeline as a to-do list

Onepage CRM

For those people who feel overwhelmed with complex multifunctional solutions, sales CRM designers have come up with Onepage. From the salesforce perspective, Onepage converts complex processes into straightforward to-do lists ― understandable and precise. Excellent mobile applications allow Onepage users to connect to the online sales CRM on the go, while well-though integrations with other business soft fosters collaboration and simplifies initial deployment.

As any trustworthy sales platform, Onepage provides convenient tools for contact management, collaboration and forecasting. All the daily used tools are featured on a single page, so nothing essential will be lost. Its dynamic contact base automatically prioritizes promising contacts, while the dead ones don’t distract the sales staff. To sum up, it is a very helpful everyday tool where all essential sales CRM features are easily accessible from the main panel. Perfect as a personal organizer, but a poor substitute for top-grade professional solutions.